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Barbera 2012

Twin Creeks Vineyard, Napa Valley

The vintage yielded ripe, concentrated fruit and the firm, crisp acidity inherent in Barbera. Inviting dark cherry, blackberry and coffee aromas lead to bright, ripe, mouth-filling plum, berry and black cherry flavors with hints of spice, and a touch of almond and chocolate. The balance and acidity make it a versatile wine for a wide range of foods.

This vineyard is in Wooden Valley, in the southeastern part of the Napa Valley appellation, on benchland near two streams. It mainly produces high quality Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, but a block of Barbera represents an inspired match of climate and clone. The main Barbera clone has small, loose clusters and small berries, in sharp contrast to much of the Barbera grown in California, which typically has much larger clusters and berries. The clone is so obscure it doesn't have a formal name that we know. What we do know is that its grapes translate into consistently deep color and concentration.

Barbera 100%

Afterglow - Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Estate Wine, Solano County Green Valley

This deeply colored wine offers a complex mix of dark fruit flavors with hints of spice and cocoa. Just a touch of Syrah enhances the Cabernet Sauvignon base, expanding the fruit profile and contributing to a smooth, silky texture and a long, lingering finish. The result is an elegant and balanced wine that is both delicious and versatile.

This small block of Cabernet vines, generally western-facing on a bench above Green Valley Road, struggles in shallow, volcanic soil. It has lower yields of smaller clusters but more concentrated fruit, and moderate tannins. With an average of 30 degrees diurnal temperature variation, the Cabernet is able to ripen fully while retaining its clean natural acidity.

The weather in 2013 was generally mild, but late season heat led to a harvest in mid-September, earlier than usual in what would be the first year of a five-year drought. Modest yields moderated the early harvest, allowing the grapes to develop ripe fruit flavors and balanced acidity, which contributed to a smooth 16-day fermentation.

Cabernet Sauvignon 99%, Syrah 1%

Old Vine Zinfandel 2014

Wirth Ranch, Solano County Green Valley

This is a ripe, full-bodied wine that combines intense berry and plum flavors with notes of vanilla and spice, a touch of cedar, and a sweet finish. Its soft tannins and acidity make it a pleasure to drink now, and over the next several years.

Wirth Ranch's old, head-pruned vines are planted on a steep hillside where they receive sun all day. This orientation allows the Zinfandel to ripen, despite the fact that Green Valley tends to be slightly cooler than much of Suisun Valley. The block is dry-farmed.

This vineyard usually ripens early, in the first part of September, and 2014 was no exception; we picked on the 8th. Because it is dry-farmed, sugars can climb abruptly, especially if there is a heat spike, but this was not a problem in 2014. Yields were modest, under two tons per acre.

Zinfandel 98%, Petite Sirah 2%

Petite Sirah 2014

Dry Creek Valley

Blackberry and plum flavors highlight this wine, which combines bright fruit with balanced acidity and integrated tannins. It combines the robust qualities of Petite Sirah with a supple texture, to make a versatile and inviting wine.

Dry Creek Valley is justly famous for its Zinfandel and related varieties, including Petite Sirah. The reddish soils and the area’s climate are well suited to produce wines that are both elegant and robust. The combinations of valley and hillside fruit, of old vines and newer plantings, and of winemaking traditions dating back to the 19th century, are capable of producing complex, age-worthy wines.

This vintage was in the middle of an extended drought period, but consistent temperatures, and cooler weather in September, allowed the grapes to continue developing on the vine. As a result, the drought’s effect was mainly on yields, while grape quality remained high.

La Ta Tas 2014

“La Ta-Tas” is a soft and seductive red wine that will not only please but also impress. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (46%), Zinfandel (46%), and Syrah (8%), this wine is crafted to be approachable and versatile. The combination of the three signature wines of Sunset Cellars makes this a uniquely Californian blend, with Cabernet providing structure, Zinfandel providing spice and finesse, and Syrah providing fruit and depth. Aromas of ripe plum, Mission fig, and raspberry preserves leap off the glass. The soft tannins unfolds like silk on the palate and reveals secondary notes of spice, almond paste, and hints of violets and dried herbs.

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